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1550 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9B 2L6, Canada

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    Jenn Briggs
    February 27, 2024

    Every time we have gone to this location we have had a bad experience. Each time we feel enough time has passed and maybe it will be better. This 4th experience we will not be back. We went on family day at around 6-630pm. Not busy at all. Was seated, had our orders taken, and the waitress came to give headbands for our kids (likely a family day thing?). Didn't see her again until we asked for the bill. Ordered the buffalo ceasar wrap and asked for a light amount of buffalo sauce and it came dripping with it. Ordered the kids grilled cheese and when my child got to the second piece she refused to touch it. I don't blame her. The utter lack of care they took to make a simple menu item on a dead night is astounding. We notified our waitress that we needed our bill and to show her the "grilled cheese" with some black burned on item from the pan and she just offered to make another. We weren't able to wait any longer while everyone else was done. It should have been removed from the bill. Also the bathroom my child wouldn't even use. One light was working near the sink, leaving all the stalls dark. Not an exaggeration. The garbage piled in the bathroom trashcan made it clear that no care or cleanliness is if concern. I can only imagine what the back of house looks like that we don't get to see. We also heard the waitress talking to the table behind us about how her "manager did her dirty" because she got scheduled to work all weekend. Even though it's a chain restaurant, keep it professional when you're in earshot of others. We almost left before ordering and we honestly should have to save ourselves the almost $100 we spent. The value you get for the money you spend is not adequate. Fast food places are cleaner and ran better than this location.

    Shannon Allen
    March 29, 2024

    Management needs to take note of their terrible service staff! My friend and I arrived to eat a late dinner after being on the road for 5 hours in dangerous weather a week ago today. We arrived around 10:30pm and they were supposed to be open until midnight. I ordered a steak, broccoli and a beer and goat cheese salad. The steak was super grissly, bairly any goat cheese and cold despite asking the server to pop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds bc my teeth are super sensitive to cold, she denied my request. The food came out quickly at least. The female server yelled from the bar to a table maybe 15 feet away multiple times when she could have just walked over and not disrupted everyone else in the restaurant, she put her hands up in the air and looked at my friend and I and asked why can’t he hear her…what is wrong with this scenario?! We couldn’t have a decent conversation without being yelled over top of, and to make matters worse a male server brought us the bill at 11:20pm when we went even half way through our plate of food! How would they have known if we wanted desert or not?! Or another drink. It was highly rude, as if to say pay now and get out even though they didn’t close for another 40 mins! What’s worse is the servers didn’t know the menu! I asked the first lady server if they had gluten friendly /free options, the server replied with “oh you’ll have to guess on that”. Come on, really?! My friend noticed the wheat symbol on the menu and discovered that there were gluten friendly options. How could we know more about the menu having just been there for 5 mins and the server didn’t even try to figure it out. I’ve been to a Kelsie’s in my home town, it was never a great experience but this place was the worst experience I’ve had in a really long time. Management has their work cut out for them.

    Kristina Law
    March 14, 2024

    So let me start by saying I went in sat with my son and was a horrifying experience! I waited 15 mins and people lined up behind to sit in empty restaurant, while a male server continued to look at us all and say nothing , finally I found someone (the manager ) and was seated and told they were understaffed. I didn't get my drinks till 18 mins after ordering then my app came out as same time as meal , and yet still no drink ! I spoke with manager again and asked him if he needed staff I knew some people , he said at that point they were actually over staffed 😂 me and my son were sooooo sick into the night I couldnt go to work the following to say.... Fast forward for the 5 star review today me and my bf stopped in for lunch and drinks , what a great experience I can't remember her name but our waitress long blonde hair was amazing ❤️❤️so fast and attentive, and she actually got the GM for me and I told him what happened whom also seemed horrified by the experience. Today experience was wonderful and food was great

    Keegan Quinn
    April 14, 2024

    My new favourite restaurant. The food was spectacular and you won’t find a better spinach dip anywhere else. Our server Kelsey, was amazing. She was very friendly and helped to serve our group great food and a great experience. I can’t wait for my next time out at Kelsey’s!

    neal belmore
    May 13, 2024

    We made reservations for 5:15 on mother's day and were seated by 5:30 which was understandable. Our waitress was really good, but the issues were food related. Firstly we ordered 2 spinach dips and received about 20 pita chips between both plates. We eat at Kelseys all the time and it's always alot more pitas on a plate. But the worst part was everyone was served their food and then my sandwich and soup were brought. The issue was I had asked for it to be a plain buffalo chicken with no fixings and the waitress had ordered it correctly. I let the kitchen person who brought the food know right away and he took it back and said he would have one renade. But he never returned with a new one, so I did not receive my meal. We were there another 30 minutes and still nothing. We go to Kelseys all over, but always seem to have issues only at this location

    Kelseys Original Roadhouse

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    1550 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9B 2L6, Canada

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